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New Paintings and Baby Number 3!


It’s been awhile since I last wrote a blog post (who am I kidding - I usually only write two a year anyway, :) and I admit this is my third or fourth attempt at writing a new one. But, I am blaming it on pregnancy fatigue and brain as we are due with our third child in June! Josh, Eddie (5), Harry (2) and I are all super excited to welcome what will most likely be the last human member of our family. We did not find out what the baby's gender is, and although we all have our fingers crossed for a girl, we are expecting another boy as we know so many people and family members with three boys.
(This was just two weeks ago and I feel like my belly is already so much bigger!)
I don't know if it is this spring taking its sweet time (here in Northeast Iowa at least), or the fact that I am not getting any younger and now have two very busy boys to chase after as well, but I am ready to meet this baby and I still have a ways to go. At least I am craving something sensible like cheese, so thank you dairy farmers for providing what I want to eat most in this pregnancy! We are very grateful to be given the chance to have another baby, so I don't want to wish time away, but I sure hope June comes quickly!


When I first was pregnant this time, I took some time off to just focus on feeling good and not getting stressed, so my paintings have been not as numerous as usual. But, I am in full "holy cow, this baby is coming soon and I want to get some more paintings done" mode, so the past two months (with the help of a babysitter to watch Eddie and Harry a couple of days a week) I have been painting more.
I told the kids we can get two outside kitties after baby comes. I have zero experience with cats, so I am hoping we can learn as we go, but the kids are excited as they can each pick out a farm kitten when the time comes. We haven't released this cat yet, but in an effort to get to know them a bit better, I did paint a farm cat recently and here it is - Sam the cat!



The main thing I have been painting off and on for the past year is a new logo and three new paintings. With our growing line of farm animals, and not just cows, I want something to represent what Steel Cow is now so the logo will be a chicken standing on a pig, standing on a cow. We will use the silhouettes mainly for the logo, but it will also be a painted print that I am quite excited for! Here is a sneak peak of the paintings. I am not finished with the chicken yet, but we will be releasing these in the next couple of months.
(The start of the new paintings last August)
(I was just playing around on the computer here- but our logo will be something like this and so will the print - only the animals will be painted)
(Here are the paintings almost finished!)
As always, getting the photos for these paintings were super fun! The pig was the most challenging as she did not want to stand still for me for even a quick photo. So, with the help of several people we lured her in with donuts and she stayed still long enough for me to get the photo I wanted.
(These are how most of my pig photos turned out!)
(And, as always, whenever we visit a farm Eddie runs to the nearest nice cat for a hug and some love. He is so excited to get his own kitty!)
I could go on as I haven't touched base for awhile, but I better get going as this is already probably too long.
Thanks for being a Steel Cow friend and I hope spring comes soon for you if you are in an area where it's taking its time!

Valerie Miller

(This is Harry as a baby, but I have to get used to having a baby on my back again!)

Valerie Miller
Valerie Miller