Made in America...Made in Iowa! | Steel Cow

Made in America...Made in Iowa!

Made in the USA...Made in there is something you don't hear everyday. 


Yes, you read that correctly...Made in the USA...Made in Iowa!  Here's why...We think that creating and making our artwork and products in the USA influences and enables good design while promoting solid made in the USA social and economic values, plus we just like making things.

All of our products are designed in Iowa, and most are made in Iowa, but a few travel to us from Arizona, Wisconsin, and California before having their finishing touches put on them by us in Iowa.  We've combined the latest in technology with the quality of hand craftsmanship to create original, durable, American made products. We like knowing where the stuff we purchase comes from and we think there is a pretty good chance you do to.  We also like developing a relationship with the things we buy, along with the people that make them, and crafting Steel Cow products in the USA makes that possible.  Although "the girls & friends" have an international following, we craft all of them right here in the good old USA!