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Steel Cow and "the girls & friends"


What is Steel Cow? Steel Cow is the home of “the girls & friends” and the place to explore the world of American artist Valerie Miller...and around here it’s all about “the girls & friends”, from Greta, to Queenie, to Stella and Dorothy, the list goes on and on. 

With a camera around her neck and sketch pad in hand Valerie stomps around fields and farms all over the world searching 
out the perfect cows to become one of “the girls & friends”. Each with their own whimsy, wit, and personality, and branded with either their 
farm given name, or the names of family and friends,“the girls& friends” come alive in Valerie’s original paintings. The end result is an image that has the spirit and sweetness of each animal rarely seen by anybody other than the farmer. With over 40 of “the girls & friends” now available in the herd at Steel Cow, in everything from original paintings to necklaces, now everybody can collect their own herd...